• Strategic opportunity to build relationships with prospective clients and potential buyers to enhance business opportunities in the region.
  • Create brand awareness and launch new products & services.
  • Position your organisation as a premier global brand in front of an elite audience to powerfully communicate your company’s latest technology, services, and facilities in the field of fire safety.
  • With the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strengthening its dominant position as a Global Industrial leader with the Strategic Vision 2030, it signifies the perfect occasion to accelerate market entry and forge partnerships with the multiple industries in KSA.


Major Operators, Producers & Manufacturers from Major Industries

Fire Protection Equipment Manufacturers

Fire Protection Vehicles and Vehicle Equipment

Fire Extinguishing Technology and Agents

Equipment for Technical Support and Disaster Relief

Rescue, Emergency, First-aid, and Medical Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Simulation Platforms and IT Systems

Equipment for Fire Stations and Workshops

Security Systems, Control Station and Signalling Technology

Associations, Organizations and Service Companies

Training Providers & Academic Institutions

Exhibition Charges

Cost Heads Details Charges (USD
Space Type/Rent Build-up Space (Min 9 sqm)
Raw Space (Min 24 sqm)
$ 600* per sqm
$ 500* per sqm
Electricity Charges Build-up Space for Stand Lighting
Raw Space for Stand Lighting (Minimum Chargeable load 1kw/10 sqm raw)
$ 10 per sqm
$ 100 per kw
*Terms & Conditions apply